About us


Welcome to india

India is a land of possibilities, Colors, tradition, and Spices.
The majority of the Indian population depends upon agriculture and agriculture is the main source of income for the majority of peoples in India. Indian is the Largest exporter of Spices in the world. Ayurveda is also born in India. The Himalayas naturally produces many rare herbs.

Bhawar Lal kalyan mal group

We Bhawarlal Kalyan Mal Group are one of the biggest
manufacturers of recycled handmade paper in India. we are
on a mission of creating sustainable Eco-friendly products.
We are specialized in plantable seed paper and Seed paper
We are preserving the art of handmade paper making
manually by the artisans. we are proud to announce that
with the support of our Valuable customers we are capable
of providing a better living and empowering local artisans
and their families. Most of the unskilled work is done by
Women in our organisation


what we do

Our goal is to provide premium quality Indian products to the rest of the world.
Every master was once a beginner yes we are new in the industry of export. But our extensive knowledge and support make us stands out in the market. We are directly associated with farmers and manufacturers which will enable us to provide the best competitive price in the market.