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How Plantable Seed Paper Works

Information About how Plantable Seed Paper Works 

Plantable seed paper is a biodegradable eco-paper made from the waste left over from textile factories. to which the seeds are attached. (No trees were harmed to make this paper) When the paper is planted in a pot, the seeds grow and the paper becomes compost. Plants are easy to plant and grow Check out these plantable paper growing photos taken by our customers!

plant seed paper
plant seed paper
plant seed paper

BLKM Group is both a designer and printers of plantable paper products and plantable paper products like seed paper sheets, diary/journals, envelopes, shopping bags, calendars, invitation cards, and more. All these products are available to you on this website so you can browse and shop.

How to Plant the seed Paper

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Prepare your pot

Fill your pot 2/3 full with well-drained soil. Now you press the soil down, if you need more then add more soil. Seed paper can be planted indoors or outdoors so you can choose depending on the temperature and conditions when planting the paper. (we don’t recommend planting outside if you live in a snowy or desert area!) 

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put the paper

Take your seed paper and put soil over the paper in the prepared pot, press the pieces of plantable seed paper into the soil by 1/8 inch and gently tamp the top.

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After putting the paper in the pot, give it a good start. Keep the paper moist during the first 10 days after applying this seed paper to the paper.

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Once sprouts continue to keep the paper moist, but be careful not to over-water. Water is needed once the plant is in a strong position. The photo of what it looks like after applying the seed paper is given below.

Once the flowers start blooming, enjoy them and cut them and decorate them.

Plantable Seed Paper Types

BLKM Group Plantable Seed Paper is usually embedded with wildflower seeds, but other types of seeds such as herbs and vegetables are also available.

Here are the seed types in wildflower mixes:

how plantable paper works

Want to See Seed Paper Growing?

seed paper planting
seed paper planting
seed paper planting
seed paper planting

Take a look at this gallery of images of plants growing from seed paper, all sent by our customers who have had success growing seed paper

To purchase Plantable Seed Paper Sheets, please visit the Seed Paper product page. Plantable Seed Paper We also have sheets available for wholesale Please contact us for pricing.

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