Handmade paper

Handmade paper is the new revolution in the paper industry. Seed papers are paper with seeds infused in them. The concept of seed paper is that whenever the paper came in contact with water and soil it grows. Many seeds are used to make different seed papers. eg basil seeds, tomato seeds, chia seeds, marigold seeds, etc.

flowers petals are also used in seed papers, Many different kinds of products are created with seed papers like calendars, leaflets, business cards, wedding cards, etc.

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seed paper sheets
seed paper
handmade Marble Paper
Marble Paper
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Batik paper
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flower paper
handmade embossed paper
embossed paper
Leather Paper
Handmade velvet paper
velvet paper
Handmade silk paper
silk paper
Handmade embroidery paper
embroidery paper
handmade Cut Work paper
Cut Work
handmade metallic paper
metallic paper
handmade embossed paper
embossed paper
Handmade moon rock paper
moon rock paper
Handmade printer paper
Printed paper
handmade texture paper
texture paper
handmade Banana Paper
Banana Paper