Indian Safed Musli Exporter

Safed Musli is a rare herb found in peninsular India. In India, it is commonly known as Musli and is also considered white gold.
It is an 8-month crop. Roots are the main part of the crop which is used for medicinal purpose. it is used in traditional India as a Rasayana or adaptogen.

Specifications :- 

Product NameSafed Musli
Binomial name

Chlorophytum borivilianum

Uses And Benefits:-



Safed Musli
contains The β-pancreatic cells which help the body in the production of
insulin. It also helps in lowering blood glucose levels.

2.Boost immune functions: Safed Musli improves the vitality of
the body. It also helps in improving the general stamina and energy of the body.

 3.Increase man power: Safed Musli is highly used to increase man power and to boost man reproductive health

 4.Promote Weight Gain: Safed Musli helps in tissue repairing and promotes weight gain. It is now widely used as a bodybuilding supplement.

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