Indian Shatavri roots Exporter

Shatavari, also known as asparagus racemosus is  a member of the asparagus family it is an adaptogenic herb.

 Shatavari is loaded with antioxidant properties which prevent the damage done by the free radical cells. Furthermore, it can also help you to deal with oxidative stress leading to diseases


Specifications :-

Product NameShatavri roots
OriginFoothills of Himalaya
Binomial nameAsparagus racemosus

Uses And Benefits:-

1.Boost immunity and Digestion: Regular consumption of shatavri root extract may improve immunity.

2.Anti-inflammatory: Shatavri helps in inflammation and boodt digestion  . 

3.Reducts Stess: Shatavri root extract helps in reducing stress leading diseases.

                       4.Magical herb for Womens: Shatavri is also worked as magical herbs for women and helps in many women centric diseases.

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