Indian Peppercorns Exporter

 Peppercorns Native to Kerala in Southern India, black pepper has been used in Indian cooking since around 2000 BCE. Today, it is farmed mainly in Vietnam but can also be found in other tropical regions including Indonesia and Brazil. Black pepper was often referred to as ‘black gold’ as it was an expensive commodity that only the wealthy could afford. It was the most traded spice in the world.

Today, black pepper is frequently used in seasoning dishes, in Ayurvedic oils and in few beauty treatments. It not only adds delicious flavour to recipes but also protects your body against inflammation, free radicals, premature ageing, certain cancers and heart disease.


Specifications :-

Product NamePeppercorns
OriginIndian subcontinent and in Southeast Asia
Binomial namePiper nigrum



Uses And Benefits:-


1. Peppercorns helps in prevention of cancer.

2. Good for hairs and eyes.

         3.Helps is treating joint pains.

            4. Helps in treating skin problems.

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