What is seed paper?

We at Bhawarlal Kalyan Mal Group recycle waste cotton from garment factories and turn them into 100% recycled handmade tree-free paper. All the work is done manually by our Artisans without and machinery, we also mix seeds of flowers, vegetables and Herbs and that turns our recycled paper into plantable seed paper. Seed paper grows itself as it gets with contact with water.

plantable seed paper
germination of plants in paper

How to Grow seed paper?

seed paper does not need any special treatment to get planted. we just need some soil and very small amount of water and sunlight to get seed paper planted. It will take around 8 to 12 days to germinate seeds from our seed paper.

seedpaper planting
seedpaper planting
seedpaper planting

seed paper products

seed paper products are 100% eco friendly , recycled , biodegradable and sustainable. we have wide variety’s of seed paper products:-

1. Shopping Bags

2.Gift Cards

3. A4 sheets

4. writing pads

5. Notebooks

6. packaging material

7. Envelops

9. Boxes

10. Calendars

And many more customized products.

How to Get seed paper?

Bhawarlal Kalyan Mal Group is the one of the Indian Largest manufacturer of recycled handmade paper and specialized in seed paper. We make seed paper manually without any machinery. Empowering artisans and preserving the art of paper making with the hands. we ensure you 100% satisfaction with our seed paper. We are situated in the Paris of India Jaipur. You all are most welcome to visit our beautiful city you can directly contact us at info@blkmgroup.com.

Ask For Samples!

Here at BLKM Group India we are more focused on creating long term relationships rather than just selling the products. Drop us a message we are waiting to hear from you.