Handmade Recyceled Tree-Free Paper

we produce 100% cotton paper from waste clothes without using any chemicals with traditional handmade paper-making techniques

the problem

Handmade papers come in different shapes and sizes and with other materials like cotton, jute, silk, banana fiber, bamboo fiber, grass, and continuous fibers. Then why on earth we humans the most developed species are cutting trees to fulfill our need for paper when we can use our waste to make paper?

The Solution!

And it doesn’t cost the earth

We at Bhawarlal kalyan Mal Group are recycling waste cotton which is left in garment factories to fulfill the need for paper. The paper which we made out of cotton waste is 100% sustainable and chemical-free. The cotton paper which we make can completely replace the wood pulp paper

some of our Handmade Paper Products

Handmade Paper

Our Cotton Paper Products are Already rolling in

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